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Connecting Through Content

As an Internet marketer, what is the first step you need to take to get your business offerings noticed? Many of you will definitely emphasize on providing useful, value added content because nothing draws audience (and future clients) better than content. And with this content are built certain connections or relationships, which may last long enough to lead to a financial transaction or short enough to make a good impact (to say the least). The time-span of the relationship also depends on your actions. To go by industrial statistics, 70-80% of the cases who consistently provided good content have had their efforts paid off, quite richly.

Building those great relationships is not rocket science either! It is surprising, how simply certain taken-for-granted human rules can be nurtured to bear the fruit of successful sales or even referrals for your business, recommendations for your products or retweets to your events. Here are some insights into those human attributes:

1. Connections Through Reciprocation Conversation – an ingrained human trait.  A good marketer believes in taking advantage of this and offers worth, which in future forms something as colossal as a large profit margin. Experts call it, “the fine art of reciprocation”. Start and encourage dialogues, participate in ongoing conversations, offer and accept advice through all online and offline channels.

In today’s marketing parlance, content that rewards its readers with profits even before they know that a sale is in the picture, is called value addition.  The content provider who makes a mark gets a due return. So if your reader knows a lot about how the use of blue tooth technology can help him, from the content he has read on your blog, he will make sure to buy that blue-tooth enabled handset you are offering.

2. Connections Through Comparison Evaluation against a competitor is not the only comparison that is made in the marketing arena. Sometimes the buyer compares himself with the successful role model that the seller flaunts in order to grab attention!  It is fairly common that the buyer compares himself with that winner and wonders if he has a similar streak.

It is here that a marketer must pitch in, and set right that comparison. During marketing to a large organization, the seller must have a larger and more successful firm as the example whereas selling to a startup does not require that elaborate a case study. For the latter, some morale boosting supplemented with a good pitch will suffice to make the required impact.

3. Connections Through Attention Most humans crave for it and some successful ones are able to actually get it. A thriving marketer consistently needs to be in the latter category for making sales happen. After all, successful brands are those who have grabbed the much required eyeballs at the right time and managed to stay in the limelight for years together. Paying attention to customer needs and offering valuable content is essential.

4. Connections Through Recurrence After getting the vital publicity, the usual tendency to bask in the glory of the achievement could be fatal. During building a relationship that blossoms from valuable content, a marketer must ensure that he nurtures it through steady, constant follow-up with literature that continues to add value and make sense. Be it a webinar, a podcast, a free email newsletter, blog feeds – the prospect should get used to your subject matter and start looking forward to the difference your content makes in his life even before he has paid you anything.

This builds trust and reliability that is definitely not going away anywhere.

5. Connections Through Expression Extremely essential as well as delicate is the science of expression, especially when it comes to promotional literature. The tremendous importance of maintaining the thin line, between problem sharing and cribbing; transparency and over-sharing; describing and boasting; scrutinizing and criticizing in your content cannot be over emphasized. A tad gone wrong and all those carefully cultivated relationships go down the drain, instantaneously. Your content must give out the right message in the right way.

Conclusion By reminiscing over these aspects of human relationships and building your content upon any one (your forte) or even all of them, could make a significant difference in your business.  All said and done, haven’t these age old societal connections met with successes time and again?

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