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Content outsourcing to India

Freelance content writing, is a phrase that might require some explanation. At its broadest, the phrase describes the process of providing the publishers with textual content for web or offline communication.

Differentiated from reporting, content writing is a more generalized form of technical writing, limiting the expertise of the writer to general overviews rather than specifics. There is, of course, room for very technical content, but that need is generally met by in-house experts or technically qualified writers. Unfortunately, those same experts have a more difficult time reducing their knowledge to a form more attractive to the net surfer.

Enter the Freelancer.

Freelance content writers, generally speaking, are Generalist. Their expertise lies in the ability to provide the casual reader with an excuse to linger at the website. Their aim is to write content to involve the reader into more active participation. In-house writers tend to be a bit mono-maniacal in their fascinations that lead to disinterest among the readers.

So, why choose India-based content writers? Well, aside from the fact that they are good, you, the web-publisher, have going for you:

  • Numbers – Over fifty percent of India’s population is under the age of thirty and is tech savvy.

  • Education – India-wide most people master English in school – the language of world business communications.

  • Infrastructure – Easy internet access, and wireless technologies have opened up India, and her talents, to a degree impossible to the land based communication systems.

  • Telecommunication – The sea change brought about by easy access to telecommunication and internet connectivity has had a notable effect on the creativity of India’s very large, young, educated, work force.

Consider the following scenario: Indian content writer: “…and by when would you be wanting these two thousand well crafted, quality laden words?” Web publisher: “Yesterday” Indian content writer: “Done”

By virtue of the time differences involved India’s capable, content writers could dash off those two thousand words, e-ship them out to the Chicago-based publisher Tuesday morning, for arrival at destination desktop, Monday evening, Central Standard Time.

The advantage to you, the purchaser of this service: Most freelance writers in India who are looking for work would be available on the net. You can post your requirements on all major freelance sites and then just wait for writers to approach you. They would charge you much less than their counterparts in other countries.

Facility in the spoken language, accents, intonation and the like have become irrelevant. After all, the skill being tested is the written facility with the language, not the social skills, which, given the social abilities of the creative is probably just as well.

Best of all, since freelancers are hired on an as needed basis, you don’t have a writer with nothing to do hanging around the coffee pot getting in the way of your productive experts.

All in all, given the efficiencies of the numbers and their ready availability, using India and her freelance writers to augment your web wares is, at bonus evaluation time, going to be noted as an Official Good Thing.

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