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E-brochure writing

Brochure is a short capsule about your company, its products or services. It must give out the most important information in the best possible manner as many purchase decisions are based on the brochure. Here are some of the important elements that could make your brochure more powerful:

  1. An overview – This should give out a summary of what the brochure is all about. It should be written in a way that the readers get enticed to read further.

  2. Benefits and features of your solution – Everybody talks about these but nobody puts them in simple straightforward way. The benefits you mention might change the mind of your prospects and encourage them to act. The features of your product should support the benefits that you mention. You can do this in a problem-solution format too.

  3. Technical specifications – The bottom-line is hard facts. People will read your brochure because they need information, therefore all essential technicalities of your solution should be mentioned in simple tabular format or bulleted lists.

  4. A statement on why you are better than your competitors – Many times a brochure is used while comparing two contenders. Therefore, your brochure should talk about your solution’s superiority over your competitors’ and what are the advantages of selecting you. If required you can even make a char/table of comparison highlighting your better features.

  1. Profile of the user and testimonials – You may paint a picture of a typical user of your solution and complement it with testimonials from existing users. This creates a very strong impact. You can even put logos of famous companies who’ve taken advantage of your solution.

  2. Industry recognitions and accolades – Blow a harp about the recognitions you’ve got for this solution – these may include awards, news coverage, etc.

  3. A brief about your company – End with your company boilerplate to give out a brief of your background and other solutions.

  4. “Act now” element – Your brochure should contain a simple list of steps that your reader can take now and get benefited immediately.

  1. Contact details – Give complete contact details for people to call for further information. Include names of sales and marketing contacts, direct phone numbers, mailing address, email IDs, website links, etc.

Your brochure should ideally be a single fold one i.e., four pages long. The formatting should be such that the critical elements get the importance that they deserve.

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