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Freelance Writers And Their Advantages

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Content outsourcing to India

Why should you select a freelancer for your content writing needs? Here’s why –

  • Freelance writers are like lawyers, except much cheaper.

  • Freelancers tend to be generalists.

  • Freelancers provide a fresh point of view of your product.

  • Freelancers tend to work through marketing agencies

A freelance writer, on assignment, is very much your advocate. Quite as a member at the Legal bar might, the freelancer does not have to believe in the Truth of your assertions. All he/she has to do is believe in your right to have them heard.

Good freelancers might sound expensive at the outset, but when you compare the cost of hiring a full-time writer along with all the benefits and facilities, the cost of a freelancer comes down by half. What’s more? If you are not satisfied with one writer’s style, you can always try another.

The writer’s skills are measured by her ability to present those assertions in the most favorable light possible. Give the freelance content writer the facts; tell him which interpretation of the Truth you wish brought to the forefront, and which aspects you would rather not have emphasized; then let her argue your case in Web court.

The advantage to generalists is that they avoid the messy bogs of details. Web descriptions need to be short, descriptive, overviews of your product. The graphics-intensive web pages do not need exposition as much as they need garnish; the light touch of the generalist. It is too easy for the expert in the subject to get bogged down in the details, and the devils, as they say, lie in the details. A capable web content writer does not need to know the specifics of your topic. Rather, she needs to know the framework of the rules and their application to you and your product.

A content writer knows how to access those details that may be necessary for presenting your point. Content writers are good researchers. Anyone living with an elephant in the room is most definitely going to have a point of view, most particularly of the elephant. That point of view, bound by the room and the viewer’s position vis-à-vis the elephant. To see how the esthetics of the pachyderm work with the over all scheme of the room is probably best left to an outsider. Not having to work with the elephant day after day, is, most likely going to provide a gentler appreciation for grey as a theme. The free-lancer, by definition an outsider, can provide that gentling.

Finally, there is perhaps the not so obvious administrative advantage of knowing that the freelancer, stuck for a thought, is annoying productive workers, but, not on your time.

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