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How To Start Your Career As A Freelance Writer?

With the increasing demand for writers in the Web 2.0 world, many people are getting enticed to join this field. If you have your way with words then writing can be a highly lucrative profession for you. But working as a freelance writer has its own set of challenges.

The first step: Do a regular job

If you are a new writer, then you must get into a regular content writing job. Try your luck in a company where there’s a team of writers and managers. This will give you exposure to different writing styles and also an opportunity for your work to get reviewed by experienced people. There are many fine points to writing that only a professional can point out. If you get those things right from the very beginning then you won’t face problems in future. You may switch a few jobs to learn writing for different mediums. Remember that this is the training you are going through to become successful.

Step two: Build a portfolio

You must have a powerful portfolio to show to your prospective clients in future. Showing is better than telling. You would be able to convince clients in a better way with real links and samples. Build a portfolio by creating your own website or blog and posting your articles there. An online presence is extremely important. Create a folder on your computer and categorize samples of brochures, articles, websites, press releases, advertisements, presentations, or anything else that you have written. If you do not have a laptop to carry with you during meetings, take colored print-outs of the good work that you’ve done. Take testimonials from whoever you work for and don’t forget to show then to your clients.

Step three: Create a network

Jumping into freelance writing without having a network of people who can give you work is quite risky; no matter how good you are. When you leave your regular job, make sure that there are at least two or three people willing to offer freelance writing assignments to you. Slowly build your network by asking for referrals, joining online business networks, being present on freelance writing sites, etc.

Step four: Market your services

Even if you have a few assignments in the beginning, you would need to market your services to the right people. Good friends of freelance writers are web development companies; send emails to them about yourself and your services. If you are good at travel writing, make a list of all travel websites and send emails about your services and writing samples. You can do the same for any field. Post your services on all freelance portals or websites.

Take freelance writing as a business

You must take freelance writing seriously. It requires dedication and self-education. Once you become a freelancer, you will find very few people who can actually review your work in the right way, so you have to learn and grow on your own. Learn client servicing and managing finances. Be absolutely professional in your approach or people will take you for granted. Most importantly, do not miss out on any of the steps given above.

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