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Is Freelance Writing “The Thing” For You?

So, turns out you need a job and your only marketable skill is a certain facility with language. What to do?

Quite simple, become a freelance web content writer.

Armed with the sharp edge of language and armored with a good thesaurus, you step into the picture, so to speak. A bit of research into the topic, a few deft sentences, some well-chosen similes, a dash or two of hard facts, a click on the “send” button, and the next thing you know –money in the bank.

What does it take to be a web content writer?

The qualifications for web content writing are as follows:

  • Language – the writer of web content must understand that written language needs to make up for the deficiencies of remote contact.

  • Research – you would need great online research skills. You have got to be a good “googler.”

  • Art – you must be able to represent your content in a way that it is easy-to-read on the web. It must contain formatting elements, illustration and pictures to state your point.

  • Social skills – the freelance web content writer doesn’t need any. By its very nature writing content for the web means that all contact between the writer and the buyer is by way of the internet. If you can fake sincerity with the written word, you have it made in the shade.

What can you write?

You can start by writing articles, comments, blogs, and product reviews on the net to create an online published portfolio. Try to cover as many topics in this as possible to display your width of writing styles. If you want, create a free blog and keep posting informative content on it. Once you have an online portfolio, you will find that more people will select you quickly.

How can you make people find you?

Advertise your availability in online websites, Yellow pages and other local list sites in your country/locality. Give links to your portfolio in those little text ads. Tell all your friends and acquaintances about your new profession. You may also bid for projects on freelance sites, but it will cost to become a member.

So, kick-start that personal computer of yours, hook-up to the web, and get yourself signed up with a web-marketing agencies and freelance websites and head out on that road to fortune.

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