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Landing page writing

Make Your Business Take-off When Your Visitors Land What exactly are landing pages? You roll-out email campaigns to your customers/prospects and give a link back to your site in that email. The place where people arrive at your site by following that link is called the landing page.

Landing page is critical for increasing your conversion rates, but ironically most email marketers do not pay much attention to this part and give a general link which drops the readers on the homepage or some other page where they are left grappling for info.

Everybody is not as smart as you are. You are familiar with your website and so you feel that all the visitors would find the right info too without much struggle. But the truth is that most visitors survey your site for 2-5 seconds (yes seconds!) and then exit if nothing catches their interest.

Important elements of a landing page:

  • The advantages of taking the action should be mentioned clearly. If possible there should be an immediate fulfillment in the form of free download/information/discount coupon, etc.

  • It should not throw a volley of information on the visitor, but should give out details in simple, easy-to-understand manner.

  • It should have minimum amount of links, so that the visitor doesn’t get distracted and moves on to other pages of your site and exits.

  • The form should ask for only minimum amount of mandatory contact info; rest of the fields could be left optional.

  • The design should be attractive and must follow your brand imagery.

Landing page is where you must capture him and make him follow the route you want. If you do it effectively, you will get more conversions.

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