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Writing Useful And Informative Web Articles

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Writing effective articles for the web

The good news is that, writing an article for the web is easier than for print medium. Think about your reader while writing. Make it easier for them to scan-read your article. Do not try to touch upon too many subjects in just one article, instead just pick one and cover as many facets as possible. The aim of writing should be to educate and inform your readers.

Write an informative, yet intriguing title

People will click on your article link based on the headline and short summary that you provide with it. Most people get interested with headlines such as – top ten tips…, insider’s secrets…, mistakes to avoid…, and such. Tell your readers what is to follow.

The article should follow a logical sequence of thought

There’s nothing new about this point. Write the most important point at the top and then the supporting content. Before sitting down to write the article frame a storyboard in your mind or on paper. Do research and make a list of all the important points and them arrange them based on their importance and logic.

Divide the article in sections and give appropriate headlines and sub headlines

Your sub-headlines should be such that the reader gets interested and reads the content. The sub-heads should follow appropriate sequence so that even if readers scan the article, they get the point.

Layout and formatting of the article can make it easier to read

Using formatting elements like bold text, paragraph indents, bullet points, numbered lists, italics, and more can help you make your article much easier to scan and read. Appropriate formatting can help you accentuate your most important points.

You can add images to illustrate your point

Writers generally refrain from adding illustrative images in the articles. The simple reason is that all article submission websites do not accept images. But while posting articles on your corporate websites you can make use of images and diagrams to make your subject clear. Give a text explanation of the diagram too.

Do not write very long articles

Writing very long articles is a waste of time, unless your subject demands. Your readers are very busy and your article is competing for attention with million other articles, so you should come straight to the point. Don’t we all try to pick a book that’s thinnest to know about the subject? Whitepapers should be used for providing detailed information.

Substantiate your statements by providing source of information

Always mention where you got your facts from. This adds credibility to your article and also tells the reader that you are well informed about what’s happening in the world. And, don’t forget to mention the dates.

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