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Marketing collateral writing

Keep your readers in mind. They might not be aware of your product/service, so you need to educate them and give clear and high-impact information that is laid out well and is easy to read. If you write pages and pages of text, your readers will soon lose interest. Give them the info they would like to know and can relate to, rather than talking about yourself.

Forget about the greatness of your company for a while

Yes, we know your company is among the leaders in one thing or the other. But, please give it a break. Giving a short description about your company, which includes key facts and achievements, at the end of your marketing collateral is a good idea. Starting your document with boastful information about your company is a bad idea.

Create different collateral for different sets of audience

You may create separate documents for different industries, company types, products, services, users, etc. You can also create short, detailed, online and offline versions of the same document. You should also keep a plain-text version of each document.

Give the vital information and chop the rest

If there are even minor chances of cutting some portion of text – cut it. Don’t let it be there out of utter laziness. This gives a crisp and to-the-point air to your document. Most professional documents come straight to the point, proceed logically and end with an impact. If you talk more, chances are people will get confused.

Quality is crucial

The way you write on blogs is not the way you would write for your marketing collateral. Marketing collateral has to be persuasive and should contain the right triggers at the right places. Get communication professionals for doing this task, because your marketing collateral makes the first impression on your prospects.

Make attractive collateral in harmony with your brand imagery

Employ an advertising agency or an experienced designer to give a design twist to your collateral and maintain the continuity across all types of collateral. Design should not thwart the content; rather it should accentuate the impact of your content. Make sure that your brand imagery or identity is maintained across different types of collateral.

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