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No.1 Tip To Sustain Your Freelance Writing Job Easily

Do Unto Yourself What You Can Do For Others

Freelance writers are slowly becoming solution providers. They are participating in promotional strategies of businesses – offering complete solutions for marketing, search engine optimization, website content structuring, designing and writing, online/social media marketing, blogging and what not. This plethora of experience in multiple marketing techniques has given us the power to grow stronger with each additional client – gain even more experience and offer greater insights to the next one.

Why do we still struggle to acquire new clients?

We have the knowledge and we have seen it work for many of our clients too, but we never take out time to implement the same techniques to build our own brand. How many of us have a website registered in our own name/brand name? Ok, many of us do; but how many of us have spent some dedicated hours on thinking about branding our website, designing it, updating it frequently, optimizing it for the search engines, advertising it, and so on?

Marketing their own services online and offline is essential for freelancers. Utilize the tricks that you have put to use for many of your clients, for yourself.  Show the same level of dedication while you work for creating a name. Many of us don’t get the time to invest in our own brand building as we are already occupied with work. But we must take out at least a few hours per week to grow.

Help your prospective clients to find you easily online. Make sure that if people are searching for writers in the domain of your expertise – then they must be able to locate you and feel the urge to contact you based on your credentials.

This can only happen if you come out of your shell and market yourself.

If you do so, you will never feel the need to hunt for jobs on the online job boards and low-paying bidding sites. And if you cannot do so, then it would be better to stick to your current job and wait till you gather some more experience before jumping into freelancing.

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