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Tips For Beginner Freelance Writers

All advice given to prospective writers of web-content should be viewed with extreme caution.

Because, writing is a personal act and personal acts cannot be taught; they must be learned. Learning, inarguably, is even more personal than writing.

Here are some paths that you, a prospective content writer, may want to consider in your journey towards the big bucks of net content authorship.

The first suggestion, is not even our own, but since J.D. Salinger, wordsmith extra-ordinary, is the one who made it, we feel secure in passing it on. “Be a reader,” he said. Then he stopped. What he meant by that is the writer needs to learn to read for structure, writing styles, and language.

In writing content, by all means – Do Your Homework

Fortunately, for you, doing homework is not nearly as onerous as it used to be. Light speed connectivity makes the task of getting information on any subject an easy task. Punch the assignment title into your favorite search engine, and see what WWW has to say about it. Then use your actively disliked search engine and get another point of view. In fact:

Get as many points of view as is feasible

From those diverse opinions, form your own. Allow yourself to be influenced by those opinions that help you shape your own into the requirements of your assignment. But, and this cannot be stated too strongly:

Do not plagiarize

Once again, do not plagiarize. Aside from the legal implications of a venal act, we worry about the state of your soul. Using, without recompense, the thoughts of another makes a lie out of the implied “I Think” that is the genesis of the written word. If the “I think” is a lie, what, we ask, does that do to the “…therefore I Am”? No. the soul depleting consequences of such thinking are too horrible to contemplate. We strongly recommend against it.

Use colloquial expressions, trite phrases and other such linguistic short-cuts sparingly

Commonly used expressions when used in face-to-face communication can be augmented by body language and other visual clues to bring specificity to the expressed thought. This luxury is not available to the written thought. Generally understood expressions that make up the bulk of the written message leave the reader with a bland vaguely understood concept, rapidly fading from memory. We are talking about net surfers here, folks. As a group, they are not known for the length of their attention spans. Come to the point quickly and write in simple, straightforward and clear language.


Do not worry

As long as you have an understanding of the language, a reasonably strong ego, (see-plagiarism), some fairly rapid researching skills, and opinions, writing web-content is a snap.

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