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Top 10 questions to build content

Are you struggling with getting the right inputs from your clients? A good brief from the client is half the job done, but if your client is unable to put his thoughts together, here are some questions that you can ask to get the information that will help you write content that cannot get rejected. These questions are for sub-webpages that are related to a specific service, but many of these questions are useful for any other kind of marketing content writing requirements.

So, here are the top 10 questions to ask while collecting information for service/product related webpages:

1. Service name

2. Overview of the service

3. Details of sub-offerings that would go under this service

4. What are the possible requirements of the customers looking for this service? What are the business challenges faced by the visitors for which they are looking for a solution?

5. How are your services different from others in this domain? Why should a visitor select your service?

6. How would the customer benefit through your offerings?

7. Do you follow any standards/framework/methodologies to deliver your service?

8. Do you have any industry alliances/accolades/certifications/recognitions for this service?

9. What are the infrastructure related advantages that you have for this offering – company size, locations, geographies, facilities, tools and technology, etc.?

10. What is the level of expertise that you have in this service domain? What are the strengths of your company’s team in this domain – range of skills, experience, training, background, numbers, etc.?

Feel free to add more questions to this list.

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