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Tricks To Make Your Online Advertising More Effective

There are many forms of online advertising available today such as banner ads, contextual ads, unicast ads, takeover ads, etc. But to get the most out of your online advertising investment, you have to put in a little extra effort. There are several advantages and disadvantages of online advertising. Some are listed below:

Advantages of online advertising

  • Much more measurable than any other form of advertising

  • Cost effective

  • Global reach

  • Extensive coverage

  • Quicker results

  • Easy to execute

  • Can provide detailed information to the interested viewer

  • Easy to monitor and control

  • 24X7 advertising

Problems with online advertising

  • Advertisements on the Internet tend to be quite intrusive

  • Difficult to decide where to place the ad

  • Some forms have got so common that most people ignore the ads

  • They take viewers away or distract attention from the website where they wanted to be in the first place

  • Ads annoy the viewers and may harm brand image

  • Low click-through rates

  • No way to determine how may viewers saw the ad when you pay for every 1000 impressions

Here are some tricks to make your online advertising campaigns more effective

  • Make them relevant – post your ads on pages with related web content – the more related, the better.

  • Be specific – advertise just one particular product/service in your ad, rather than your site generally.

  • Place ads based on day of the week and time of the day – ads should be placed based on the amount of traffic on the website in the week or in the day.

  • Right linking – your ad should directly link to the relevant product/service you’ve highlighted. You can even create a new landing page to give them the right experience and to know exactly how many people came through the ad.

  • Position them right – put your ads at the high-visibility place in the webpage, better as top, rather than farther down.

  • Be creative – use animated ads rather than static ones. Your graphic content should pique visitor curiosity, without being too obscure.

  • Keep them small – the graphic size should not be too large, as it will take time to load, and by that time your visitor might leave.

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